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    Variable Options

    With different collector options, Axo MEW becomes the tool of choice for your research. Flat Collector and Rotary Collector can be integrated to meet your specific research needs.

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    Extra Heated Printhead

    Printhead tempature can be raised to 265°C in melt electrowriting process.

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    Closed-Loop High Voltage Controller:

    Regardless of the Distance Between Emitter and Collector

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    Wide Pressure Range

    AxoMEW can work in wide range of pressure in electrowriting process.

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    CE Certified

    AxoMEW is CE certified.

  • Technical Specifications

    Melt Electrowriting Technology

    Pneumatic Driven Extrusion

    Melt Electrowriting High Voltage Range

    0kV - 15kV DC

    Melt Electrowriting Current Range

    0 µA - 150 µA

    Melt Electrowriting Printing Velocity

    <50 mm/s

    Air Pressure Range

    0 kPA - 800 kPA

    Printing Pressure Resolution

    0.1 psi

    XY Resolution Per Microstep

    1 µm

    Z Resolution Per Microstep

    1 µm

    Layer Resolution

    <10 µm

    Printhead Tempature Range

    RT - 265°C

    HD Camera Toolhead Image Resolution

    Up to 1920*1080 pixels

    Flat Collector


    Rotary Collector


    Collector Rotation Speed Range

    <5000 rpm