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    Our Most Powerful Biofabrication

    Platform, Yet.

    Axo A3 is our most powerful bioprinting platform yet.

    With its high mechanical precision and elevated system, Axo A3 is easy to use, plug and play bioprinting platform.

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    Melt Electrowriting: Available

    Axo A3 enables researchers to use melt electrospinning writing on the same platform with a bioprinter.

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    Variable Options

    With different printhead options, Axo A3 becomes the tool of choice for your research. Heated Printhead, Cooled Printhead, Cell Electrowriting Printhead, Melt Electrowriting Printhead, UV Curing Toolhead, and HD Camera Toolhead can be integrated to meet your specific research needs.

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    Wide Pressure and

    Temperature Range

    Axo A3 has a wide pressure and temperature range to make sure your requirements are always met! We offer printhead solutions that can be heated up to 265°C and printbed that can be cooled down to -10°C thanks to a water-based cooling system. We also offer cooling systems to meet your needs. Axo A3 has a pressure range of 0 to 800 kPA.

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    UV-C Sterilization

    With a UV-C Sterilization system, Axo A3 is safe from contamination. As a researcher-centered company, we know how delicate stem cells are. Our system uses UV-C to eliminate microbiological contamination. We also offer the necessary safety measures for you to use the platform outside of biological safety cabinets.

  • Technical Specifications

    Bioprinting Technology

    Pneumatic Driven Extrusion

    Melt Electrowriting Technology


    Melt Electrowriting High Voltage Range

    0kV - 15kV DC

    Melt Electrowriting Current Range

    0 µA - 150 µA

    Melt Electrowriting Printing Velocity

    <50 mm/s

    Air Pressure Range

    0 kPA - 800 kPA

    XY Resolution Per Microstep

    1 µm

    Z Resolution Per Microstep

    1 µm

    Printhead Temperature Range

    3°C - 265°C

    Minimum Printbed Temperature


    Laser Based Photocuring System

    50mW, 405 nm UV-Laser Module

    LED Based Photocuring System

    10W, 365/395/405/485/520 nm UV-LED Module

    Layer Resolution

    <10 µm

    HD Camera Toolhead Image Resolution

    Up to 1920*1080 pixels

    Build Structure

    Petri Dish, Well-Plate, PE Isolated Plate

    Build Volume

    130 x 90 x 100 mm

    Printing Pressure Resolution

    0.1 psi

    Controling Software


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    Easy to Use Software

    With the software specially developed for researchers, it is possible to configure printheads.

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    Modular Printhead System

    With the software specially developed for researchers, it is possible to configure printheads.