• Axo Load Bioreactor is a precision instrument developed for deforming scaffolds,
    flexible membranes, and 3D matrices in a sterile fluid environment. This device is capable
    of uniaxial deformations on flexible cell-seeded substrates or scaffolds. It has an onboard
    actuator and control board to enable it to run independently of a computer in an
    environment-controlled incubator.

  • Autoclavable Load Stimulation Chamber

    The load bioreactor chamber is made entirely of autoclavable materials such as stainless steel and coated aluminum.

    Stand-alone Controllling System

    Axo Load Bioreactor especially designs to fit inside incubators. Thanks to our tailor-made software it can operate without any USB cable connection.

  • Test Blocks and Protocols

    The sine and ramp functions in the software enable stimulation based on different mathematical models.

    Easy to Use Software

    With the software specially developed for researchers, it is possible to work easily regardless of scaffold length.

  • Technical Specifications


    Uniaxial Tension

    Cell Culture Chamber

    Up to 3

    Maximum Velocity

    <10 mm/s

    Cell Contacting Componenets

    Autoclavable Materials

    Loading Capacity

    <200 N

    Media Volume

    <100 mL

    Product Construction

    Stainless Steel



    Electrical Stimulation


    Output Voltage Range

    0 - 30 V